Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Angry White Men

I wonder if the Ithaca Journal knew when they set up their blog that they were tapping into a vein of anger that apparently runs unheard through the underground conservatives in the county. There are half a dozen people who remark on just about every story. To hear them tell it, global warming only affects scaredycats, elected officials are pickpockets and losers, gay marriage violates "G-D's" rules, etc. It's kinda sad to watch them vent to one another, but perhaps it's a safe way to keep them occupied.

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Simon St.Laurent said...

Just think of all the frustrated conservatives in Ithaca. The Republican party has no chance in the city and declining chances in the countryside, and I haven't seen much sign of a broad conservative revival.

Talking at the Journal forums lets them share their views semi-anonymously, and they also seem to have built a community around it.

It's not so much fun for the rest of us, and I'd love to see more variety, but it's not entirely surprising.

(It seems to be what happens on lots of local paper comments boards, too, not just here.)