Tuesday, April 17, 2007


As usual when there's wet, heavy snow, we lost power last night. We all slept downstairs. Paul built a big fire in the woodstove. It would've been fine, but each of our 16 smoke alarms decided to lose battery power over the course of the night, sending Paul scrambling all over the house with 9-volts and a chair. The beeping drives poor, injured Alex insane, so she had to crawl into bed with her head under my pillow. So nobody got much sleep.

Sites from the candidates column (see right column) that mention yesterday's tragedy at Virginia Tech: Biden, Clinton, Edwards, Giuliani, Hunter, Kucinich, Obama, Richardson. Kucinich closed his site for the day. To see Clinton's statement, you had to navigate past her contribution page (this changed around five minutes ago). Candidates who mention prayers: All but Kucinich and Richardson. Candidates who mention gun control: None of the above.

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