Thursday, April 12, 2007

MoveOn Vote

It's interesting to me to see the difference between those MoveOn voters who did not watch the Virtual Town Hall Meeting and those who did. Voters cast votes for the candidate they thought would be best to lead the country out of Iraq.

Sen. Barack Obama 28%
Sen. John Edwards 25%
Rep. Dennis Kucinich 17%
Gov. Bill Richardson 12%
Sen. Hillary Clinton 11%
Sen. Joe Biden 6%
Sen. Chris Dodd 1%

Sen. John Edwards 25%
Gov. Bill Richardson 21%
Sen. Barack Obama 19%
Rep. Dennis Kucinich 15%
Sen. Joe Biden 10%
Sen. Hillary Clinton 7%
Sen. Chris Dodd 4%
Richardson rises significantly when people hear him speak. Obama drops. That was certainly true when we heard the candidates in DC. Since MoveOn fails to include actual numbers, it's hard to tell what any of this means.

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