Thursday, April 26, 2007


First impressions: Clinton, Edwards, and Biden cleaned everyone else's clock. Kucinich was nutty but well-spoken. Gravel did too many mushrooms 40 years ago. Obama answered very few of the questions (the same could be said for Clinton and Biden, but they're so much better at that). Richardson looked dyspeptic and miserable. Dodd was senatorial in that way that makes you switch C-Span off after a minute or two, and it's still a little creepy that he has preschool kids. Everyone but Kucinich and Gravel is trying way too hard to avoid the wimpy-Democrat title. Obama should retain his photo-op-smile one minute longer instead of dropping it (and his wife) instantly when the cameras stop.

More later. Very excited to hear the Republicans next. And Brian Williams did a terrific job.

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