Tuesday, March 13, 2007

School Budget, Part 1

Money 3 I attended the school budget discussion at the BOE meeting yesterday. They're looking right now at a budget increase of around 5.73%. BOCES costs are significantly higher than anticipated (by around $111K!). Imagine that. Other irritants include the sewer rates in Dryden, which went up 22%, an unexpected $9,218 increase for the schools.

The Board had got rid of some items already--among them a lot of equipment requests, which they may be able to purchase with monies left over from the 2006 budget; a proposed transfer to the capital fund; some bus garage repairs; and staff development for exempt employees.

I did not see any additions of personnel, but the way Dryden presents their budget, it's often hard to tell.

It appears that they're trying to get down to a 4% increase, but that seems dubious. In Dryden, 1% of the tax levy = $130K.

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