Monday, March 26, 2007

Required Viewing

Earth We watched some of "Planet Earth" on the HD Discovery Channel last night. Unbelievable footage--I kept saying, "Where's the camera? Where's the camera?" They use a little too much time-lapse and cute sound effects for my taste, but there were shots, as they continually remarked, that no one on Earth had seen before. They spent a good deal of time in the Karakoam, filming a snow leopard chasing and losing a young markhor. They showed a golden eagle that I swear had a woolly flying squirrel in its talons. They filmed in the Kalahari with infrared in pitch blackness and shot a troop of lions taking down a full-grown elephant. They worked with helicopters and new camera technology to show how African wild dogs (NOT feral dogs, PZ would note) divide and conquer when hunting impala. In many cases, it took eight weeks to get two minutes of usable film. I finally understand why we needed that big HDTV.

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