Sunday, March 11, 2007

He's Number 3!

Knowlegis has released rankings of Congressional members, and our own Mike Arcuri (D-24th) is tied for third among freshmen in Congress, based on various categories including committees and region represented. More surprising, perhaps, is that he's 15th in the New York delegation (out of 29).

Knowing he has power may prevent our little freshman from responding as quickly as he recently did to a constituent complaint. I sent a letter on behalf of the school district to as many representatives as I could think of--County Reps, Assemblyperson, State Senator, and Arcuri--regarding the need for a stoplight at the entrance of the high school. I heard from no one local who might actually have helped in the situation, but the new Congressman wrote to say this was a matter of concern and that he'd sent his own letter with my note to the head of the NYS DOT and would let me know the moment there was a response.

I like having a newbie representing me. I live in fear that a high power ranking may undermine that freshman spirit and the will to respond at once to the most minor of constituent issues. Don't let it swell your head, Mikey, we need you here in the hinterlands!

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