Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hate Circles

Just heard from Andy Young on the School Board that Paul wasn't eligible to run for BOCES rep anyway. School law says that no one who works for any school district may be a rep at BOCES. Clearly, they want to pack that board with people who know nothing about how things work--or don't work. But I feel bad--I had worked up a good irk over it all, and now I feel all that misplaced bile was for nothing. Simon notes that they still announced an opening following the filling of the position, so perhaps my irritation wasn't ALL for naught.

Grrr I'll take it out instead on the Village Board GOP candidates, who have resurrected the long-defunct Village Newsletter as a campaign organ. So wrong, despite their tiny notation "produced and printed by your friends neighbors (sic) on the Dryden Republican Committee."

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