Saturday, March 31, 2007

Goin' to the Chapel

Rings Monday at the crack of dawn (well, before that, actually--we fly out of Syracuse at 6 AM), we're heading for Aspen to witness Bill's marriage to Lela. We'll be there through Sunday; the wedding is Saturday, April 7. Paul is officiating at the wedding, thanks to the Internet certificate that makes him a legal Church of Paul minister in the state of Colorado. He has a new close-cropped crewcut in honor of the event (he was going to shave his head but chickened out). We are staying at the Mountain Chalet. The wedding is at Little Nell. O (Bill's goddaughter) and Lela's two kids, George and Isabella, are the only children allowed at the ceremony. O has already started calling the kids her "godbrother" and "godsister." And you can watch for us on Aspen Cam.

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