Thursday, March 1, 2007

Birthday Boy Does BOCES

It's Paul's birthday, and he's celebrating by working all day, attending a Newfield Board meeting, and applying for the position of Dryden BOCES rep. Currently, the BOCES board is made up of well-meaning rubber stamps. Meanwhile, the budget is out of control (affecting the budgets of all schools in the district), and the organization makes decisions like cutting vocational programs in nursing and hospitality in favor of more cosmetology classes. As we all know, the future for today's students lies in body waxing and chemical waves.

LATER: Well, this is SO par for the course. The school board noted in the February 27 Shopper that they were looking to fill this position. That Shopper reported on their February 13 meeting. Then, at their February 26 meeting, they filled the position with a board member (SUCH a conflict of interest). Thus, by the time the opening was public, it was already filled. Perfect.

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