Thursday, March 29, 2007


Money 3 That's how much we paid in school taxes last year. Actually $10 more, but it rounds off nicely to equal the exact amount of annual salary I made in my first publishing job in NYC.

I intend to use that figure often in my campaign. It compares rather neatly to the $0 paid by, say, our superintendent (who rents). Last year, Paul obtained the tax expenditures for every board member. You could add most of them together and not equal the amount we pay.

I guess we must be rich. Or something.


KAA said...

I can't believe you are really running again. Is it too late to talk you out of it?

KAZ said...

Sadly, I just handed in my petition and other paraphernalia. And I was the only candidate so far to do so. So not only am I running, but I may just have to stroll.