Friday, February 9, 2007

Rookie Has the Right Idea

I know nothing else about him, but newly elected GOP/Conservative Assemblyperson Greg Ball got flak on the floor for calling the legislature dysfunctional and the process just plain bad. I wrote him a note of thanks, because I'm sure he can kiss his career goodbye., if anyone else feels so inclined.


Simon St.Laurent said...

This seems to be an issue that shouldn't be partisan at all. We have a Republican Senate that's just as broken as our Democratic Assembly.

Somehow, people on both sides of the aisle need to figure out that small-d "democratic" is something we need in state government.

I don't expect to agree with Greg Ball on any other issue, but we're on the same page on this one. If only he was a Republican _Senator_, not an _Assemblyman_, where he might be able to make some change.

Somehow I think the current Senators are relieved...

GBallGirl said...

Yeah, he has the right idea and all politicians have to start somewhere, that is why they call them rookies.

Do not understimate Assemblyman Ball-he knows how to get where he wants to go. He works hard and he cares. He is not shying away from campaign promises and that in itself means a lot.

Puts to shame all other ROOKIES and old time seat warmers up there in Albany.