Monday, February 26, 2007

Reading List

This is a weird one. Usually a memoirist works hard to make him/herself look good. McAuliffe just can't help coming off like the run-amok nutball he probably is. The book provides a fascinating look at how to make $7 million just sitting on the phone for a few hours (I have no illusions that anyone other than McAuliffe can actually do this) and an earnest, if not entirely successful, attempt at humanizing the Clintons. There's also a brief bit about how the Clintons shot down Richardson when he lobbied for the DRC position they wanted McAuliffe to have. Maybe the Clinton/Richardson ticket is just a pipe dream? Just this week, poor Terry was shunned by his own Catholic high school, which reneged on an invitation when they apparently "found out" he was pro-choice.

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