Saturday, February 24, 2007

Home Again

Wow, it's just impossible to blog with dial-up. I give Mary Ann all kinds of credit for persevering. Anyway, we're back. Tom Vilsack has been deleted from the right-hand column, as he's dropped out of the race. More to come, no doubt!

Dems in CA to whom I spoke (and I only spoke to Dems) are somewhat shamefacedly optimistic about their governor, who continues to surprise them with compromises and rather left-of-center moves. SAZ thinks Maria is calling the shots.

See our slideshow to find out where we went and what we saw.

LATER: Lara points out that the West-Coast challenged might like a map that better shows our tour. This one shows the route from Cardiff to Tehachapi (south of Bakersfield), and you can spot Capistrano by the shore and Avalon on Santa Catalina Island (we took the southernmost boat route to get there, from Dana Point just north of Capistrano).

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Mary Ann said...

I'd love to see your photos. But I'll have to check back later when I have more time.

Yesterday my sister sent me a link to a YouTube clip. I've never even tried to look at one before. But it was Sunday so I figured, "What the heck..."

It was a 2.5 minute clip. Each 2 seconds took 20 seconds to download providing a very, very choppy first view. After 30 minutes to download the whole thing, I was able to watch it straight through.

Last Saturday, I made a plea to Mike Arcuri to keep rural internet problems in mind. People with high speed connections lose sight of how limited the internet is with dial-up.