Thursday, February 1, 2007

Greetings from DC

We're back from a fabulous and huge meal at Georgia Brown's with Josh Lozman, formerly of Les Roberts's campaign. Earlier, we all sat in on a Rural Caucus, moderated by NY's Denise King, and featuring Howard Dean, DNC Chair. He spoke of the "measured plan" on the part of Congress to "put [the GOP] in a vise," saying that the Bush administration has "harmed our country immeasurably."

The room contained about 50 delegates and guests from places I rarely see--Nebraska! Oklahoma! Southwestern Virginia! Most complimented Dean on the 50-state strategy, which many of us believe gained Dems the Congress, although others in the Party would disagree--some violently. The upshot certainly is that the strategy helps rural areas, which otherwise would be largely ignored as money and personnel are funneled to urban centers with significantly larger voting populations. Our County Chair, Irene Stein, suggested to Dean that he consider establishing "rural" as a designation in delegates, something like "disabled" or "minority." Dean seemed more apt to pass that notion down to the states, some of which (NY is an example) already have family farm & rural caucuses designed to ensure that the state delegation to the national convention reflects rural as well as urban populations.

Tomorrow we hear from (in order of appearance) Harry Reid, Dean again, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, Wesley Clark (wait a minute--has he declared? does he have a committee?), John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, and Hillary Clinton in the enormous ballroom downstairs. Josh and Carrie and I, not being delegates, need to get down there about two hours early to ensure our seating. Afterward is a free-for-all, as people try to get into the tiny rooms in which each candidate will meet and greet.

We already clipped a Dodd bag from that campaign--a hotel worker walked by pushing a wagonful, and I told Carrie to nab one. Bad design, dated motto: "Join the DODDsquad!"--a nice copy of the Constitution.

Rumor has it that Barack is ditching out in time to make it to a 12:30 gig at George Mason, which means I may not get to meet him at all. Say it ain't so, Barack. Josh is trying to decide whom to work for in New Hampshire and has narrowed it down to Obama and Richardson, leaning toward the latter (nominated for the Nobel four times, so no lightweight).

More after the events tomorrow.

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Mary Ann said...

I was watching Dodd live on CSPAN as I read this. I love to hear Obama speak and I was still watching Clark when Simon came to pick me up for a meeting. It's cool to know you and Carrie are there. I find myself scanning the crowd for you.