Monday, February 12, 2007

Dopey Google Game

OK, Dave talked about this one, which is sweeping the blogosphere. You type "[yr first name] needs" in Google search (in quotes) and write down the first ten "needs" on your blog. I used my real name, not KAZ (KAZ got me a lot of needs for female companionship), but here's the result. (I skipped all the ones that were the results of other people's playing the game.)

KAZ needs to give herself some credit.
KAZ needs to be back on the red carpet. (Yes!)
KAZ needs Vee. (Not sure who that might be.)
KAZ needs help. (Often.)
KAZ needs to be notified.
KAZ needs to know how to transport and care for paintball equipment. (!)
KAZ needs to be in the same place as Jason. (I don't know any Jasons.)
KAZ needs to have a list of coaches that did attend the meeting.
KAZ needs to hire an additional bodyguard.
KAZ needs to get the updates of addresses, etc. for website.

Well, not too enlightening, I must say. But it killed five minutes when I could have been doing the dishes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here is what Diane needs:
Diane needs to reconcile both sides of herself -- to love herself ...
Diane needs a pigfoot and a bottle of beer, some reefer and some gin
Diane needs to get some sleep
Diane needs to get out of my boyfriend's life
Diane needs to be more sexy and more out there
Diane needs to try to own her feelings, using “I” language that does not blame
Diane needs: a little discipline and a little training
Diane needs parents to be involved with a March 7th discussion with a city engineer at 3:15 re: safe routes to school.
Diane needs to deal with Garek Ennis and the feelings he makes her feel.
Diane needs to participate more in class discussions