Sunday, January 14, 2007

We're Number 3

Just back from my weekly trek to Wegman's, now touting its number 3 ranking in Fortune's 100 Best Places to Work. (1 & 2 are Google and Genentech). I'm always surprised at how low my Wegman's expenses are compared to those of other people in line. (Yes, I'm nosy.) I give credit to our attempts to buy locally, at least when it comes to meat. We buy half a pig and half a cow, and they last us for a couple of years. The initial outlay is large, but the weekly savings add up. Plus we raise our own Cornish game hens for roasting or grilling.
Along with this comes the vague satisfaction of not being a part of the hideous meat industry. Our cow and pig aren't raised in tiny crates or shipped in cattle cars. On the other hand, I eat fast food often enough to know I'm not really making any kind of political statement that holds water. It's better meat, it's cheaper, and it contributes to the local economy. That's the best I can say.

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David Makar said...

Cute animated animals! How could you eat half of each of them?