Sunday, January 7, 2007

Web Power

Read in the Post-Standard today about a project that my namesake, Daily Kos, is developing to shed light on the workings of Congressional committees. It sounds like what Simon does in Dryden when he has time, and what the stated goal of the new Tompkins Weekly has been. I'm all for it!

I spent one day last week doing nothing but answering a question sent by a client. They wondered whether the Susan Nunes who wrote a story I'd recommended for a project, " A Moving Day," was the same Susan Miho Nunes who wrote children's books. They needed a biographical blurb but couldn't find enough information.

It took two search engines, back-and-forth emails to a publisher in Hawai'i, and finally, several back-and-forth emails with Susan herself in Berkeley, CA, for me to discover that she was in fact Susan Miho Nunes (and published under two other names as well). She was not, as I had already guessed, the Nevada Susan Nunes who had her own conservative blog, and she was not born in 1937, per a notation in an authors' website that threw me off for a couple of hours--that was a publisher's error. Susan wrote her own biographical blurb, and everyone was happy. And I made a new friend and never once got out of my chair.


Yoshi said...

Thanks for the info on the committee project - it sounds fantastic, though a slightly high learning curve for us lazy, attention deficit disorder voters. Have you chosen a committee KAZ?

KAZ said...

A lot of them have already been assigned, and I have to admit the unassigned ones are not my cup of tea--technical and tactical intelligence? long term growth and debt reduction? general farm commodities and risk management? Our new Congressman is on the transportation committee, which sounds important but boring. Can I just monitor the facilities committee for our local school board and call it a day?