Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union

Presidential Seal The state of the union appears to be denial, judging by the lack of any mention of the Gulf Coast. I guess that's all fixed now. Paul and I watched on HDTV, which was refreshingly bad, with microphone glitches, a fisheye lens that showed the seams on Nancy Pelosi, and Dan Rather rambling incoherently. Paul wondered if he'd had a stroke. They focused on that idiot Randy Kuhl for a good five minutes prior to the speech, but luckily, no one could figure out who he was, so there was no label. At the end, they got nice footage of all the would-be 2008ers running all over each other to be first out of the room and in front of the cameras. Later, I went upstairs and watched CNN, which put me rapidly to sleep, and Paul watched CBS. He says Barack kicked Hillary's butt.

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