Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Obamarama, etc.

At dinner, Paul asked who would get my vote if the primary were held tomorrow and featured Barack, Hillary, and John Edwards. I was a little surprised to find that my opinion is split pretty evenly. I may be leaning a bit toward Obama, since I'm nearly done with his second book, and I'm a sucker for careful thinking and good writing. But I think each of them brings something to the table, and each of them has some serious flaws.

O wants Hillary, hands down, because "it's time a woman was President."

I think most Dems in NYS think Hillary's been a great senator for the state and a less-great one for the nation. The war and the appearance of pandering have been huge negatives in my feelings about her. Obama, however, writes
"A vote or speech by Hillary Clinton that runs against type is immediately labeled calculating; the same move by John McCain burnishes his maverick credentials."

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Philip Sicker said...

While your thoughts on the still-distant election are elegantly balanced and incisive, I think I speak for many readers in urging you to offer a fuller account of domestic matters; in particular, my friends and I were fascinated by your description of your erudite brother-in-law, whose dismissal of Hillary Clinton as a gaseous centrist struck us as so true. Let's hear more about him!

a discerning reader