Saturday, January 6, 2007


I've resisted blogging for the usual reasons--the no-doubt-false modesty that keeps me from wanting to clutter the blogosphere with another slew of mindless opinions about issues du jour, the uneasy sense that blogging is masturbatory and hubristic, the vague recollection of snail mail and the remembered joys of putting pen to paper. But you know what? I'm over it. For a couple of years now, I've sent out a biweekly or monthly email to family and friends, complete with yawn-worthy minutiae about our lives on the mountain in Freeville. I'm on the computer six or more hours daily anyway. This is an easier form of communication, and in theory it's not as intrusive as email--there's no obnoxious sound; you can log on or not as you wish.

I chose Blogger from all my options because it seemed easiest, and they have a bunch of new features that make it easier still. There are so many ways to go with a blog, and I had lots of great models to work with, just here in Dryden. I could be completely objective and informative and local, a la Simon, but I'm probably too opinionated and full of myself to pull off the objectivity, although I'm sure I will talk about local issues. I could expound brilliantly on books and nature per Mary Ann, and I'm sure there will be some of that in Daily KAZ, tho' perhaps less brilliance. I could include tons of pictures the way Dave does, but my life is not that thrilling, and I'm not that cute. So the blog will probably be a mishmash of opinions, trivia, factoids, local and state and national politics, education issues, and family life on the mountain. I'll try to post daily. We'll see how it goes.